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Course Category Provider
Accounting  Accounting and Bookkeeping 2U/edX
Advanced Business Risk Management  Business Management 2U/edX
Advanced Operations Management  Operations and Supply Chain Management 2U/edX
Advanced Project Management Project Management 2U/edX
Agile Project Management  Project Management 2U/edX
Basics of Financial Management  Finance and Investment 2U/edX
Blockchain and Digital Currency  Fintech 2U/edX
Bookkeeping Accounting and Bookkeeping 2U/edX
Brand Management  Marketing 2U/edX
Business Analytics  Data Analysis 2U/edX
Business Development Management  Business Management 2U/edX
Business Risk Management Business Management 2U/edX
Business Systems Analysis Information Technology 2U/edX
Business Writing  Design and Creative 2U/edX
Change Management  Management 2U/edX
Commercial and Contract Law  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Commercial Property Broker Law and Practice  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Communication and Influence  Management 2U/edX
Compliance Essentials  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Compliance Management Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Construction Management Management 2U/edX
Copy Editing  Design and Creative 2U/edX
Copywriting for Online Marketing  Marketing 2U/edX
Cost and Management Accounting  Accounting and Bookkeeping 2U/edX
Data Analysis Data Analysis 2U/edX
Data Protection and Privacy  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Data Science with Python  Data Analysis 2U/edX
Digital Marketing Marketing 2U/edX
Digital Photography  Design and Creative 2U/edX
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability  Management 2U/edX
Events Management  Management 2U/edX
Executive Support  Human Resource Management 2U/edX
Executive and Management Coaching Management 2U/edX
Facilities Management  Management 2U/edX
Feature Journalism  Design and Creative 2U/edX
Financial Modelling and Analysis Finance and Investment 2U/edX
Financing and Valuing Commercial Property  Finance and Investment 2U/edX
Fintech Disruption In Finance  Fintech 2U/edX
Foundations of Business Management  Business Management 2U/edX
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity  Information Technology 2U/edX
Graphic Design Design and Creative 2U/edX
Human Resource Management Human Resource Management 2U/edX
Import Export and Logistics Management  Operations and Supply Chain Management 2U/edX
Instructional Design  Human Resource Management 2U/edX
Investment Management Finance and Investment 2U/edX
IT Management  Information Technology 2U/edX
Leading Diversity and Inclusion at Work  Management 2U/edX
Managing Technical Professionals  Management 2U/edX
Market Research  Marketing 2U/edX
Marketing Marketing 2U/edX
Marketing Analytics  Marketing 2U/edX
Mental Health Mindfulness and Self Care  Online Micro Course Not specified 2U/edX
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution  Management 2U/edX
Occupational Health and Safety Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Operations Management Operations and Supply Chain Management 2U/edX
Paralegal Practitioner  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Payroll and Tax Administration  Accounting and Bookkeeping 2U/edX
Practical Labour Law  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Product Management  Management 2U/edX
Professional Communication and Office Management  Management 2U/edX
Programme Management  Management 2U/edX
Project Management Foundations Project Management 2U/edX
Property Development and Investment Finance and Investment 2U/edX
Property Management Marketing Contracts and Administration  Management 2U/edX
Public Management and Governance  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Public Relations PR  Marketing 2U/edX
Public Sector Audit and Governance  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Public Sector Financial Reporting  Finance and Investment 2U/edX
Restaurant Management  Management 2U/edX
Sales Management  Management 2U/edX
Search Engine Optimisation SEO  Marketing 2U/edX
Small Business Growth and Management  Business Management 2U/edX
Social Media Marketing  Marketing 2U/edX
South African Public Sector Structures Functions and Finance  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Sports Management Business Principles In Sport  Management 2U/edX
Strategic Human Resource Management  Human Resource Management 2U/edX
Strategic Business Management Business Management 2U/edX
Supply Chain & Logistics Management Operations and supply chain management 2U/edX
Tax Law  Law and Compliance 2U/edX
Teaching with Technology  Design and Creative 2U/edX
Training and Development Management  Human Resource Management 2U/edX
User Experience Design  Design and Creative 2U/edX
Web Design  Design and Creative 2U/edX